PAFRAS works closely with a num­ber of loc­al part­ners on both form­al and inform­al baseis. Our aim is to draw togeth­er some of the ser­vices that are essen­tial for our ser­vice users and house them under the roof at our twice-weekly drop-in.

Part­ners with a pres­ence at the drop-in include the Brit­ish Red Cross, York Street Health Prac­tice, Sky­line, Touch­stone and the Refugee Coun­cil.

York Street Health Practice

The York Street Health Prac­tice is a spe­cial­ist ser­vice for people who are home­less, tem­por­ar­ily housed or seek­ing asylum. Once each week a nurse and cli­ent sup­port work­er form the prac­tice attend PAFRAS’s Thursday drop-in to help register ser­vice users who do not have a GP and provide sup­port, advice and appro­pri­ate refer­rals to exist­ing patients.

The prac­tice employes GPs, a nurs­ing team, a drug ser­vice, men­tal health nurse and cli­ent sup­port work­ers. It aims to provide an hol­ist­ic ser­vice cater­ing spe­cific­ally to the needs of its cli­ent. To this end they also have a soli­cit­or and a bene­fits adviser who hold clin­ics at the prac­tice on a reg­u­lar basis.

NHS inter­pret­ers are avail­able if Eng­lish speak­ing or com­pre­hen­sion is dif­fi­cult.

People can access the ser­vice by tele­phon­ing on 0113 2954840 or call­ing in to make an appoint­ment. The prac­tice is open from 9.00 to 4.30 on Mon, Tue. Wed and Fri on Thur it is open from 10.15 to 4.30