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Submission to the Home Affairs Select
Committee’s Inquiry into Asylum

Laurie Ray, May 2013

Down­load our sub­mis­sion to the Select Committee’s inquiry, focus­ing on the impact of the policy of enforced des­ti­tu­tion on the people with whom we work.

Understanding how asylum seekers and refugees
access and experience mental health support in Leeds

A report on PAFRAS/Touchstone Action Research Pro­ject 2011–2012
Dzmitry Karpuk, Mary Cun­ning­ham, Rupinder Kaur,
Sam­antha Short, Caitlyn Can­non, Dav­id Odu­nuk­we & Jon Beech

In July 2011, NHS Leeds com­mis­sioned Pos­it­ive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS) and Touch­stone to under­take some par­ti­cip­at­ive research into

  • the way in which Refugees and Asylum Seekers (RAS) nav­ig­ate their way into and through Men­tal Health Ser­vices of Leeds,
  • how exist­ing sup­port sys­tems can be made lean­er and more respons­ive,
  • how the sys­tem might bet­ter respond to the needs of people in men­tal dis­tress, but who do not meet the cri­ter­ia for men­tal health inter­ven­tions.

The research ele­ment of the work was hos­ted and per­form­ance man­aged by Touch­stone with­in the BME Com­munity Devel­op­ment team. This research is a col­lab­or­at­ive piece of work draw­ing on the strengths of both Touch­stone and PAFRAS.

The Wages of Fear: risk, safety and undocumented work

Wages of Fear Cover

Jon Bur­nett and Dav­id Whyte, Decem­ber 2010

The Wages of Fear explores the exper­i­ences of undoc­u­mented work­ers in the UK. It invest­ig­ates the occu­pa­tion­al risks facing undoc­u­mented work­ers, and finds evid­ence of routine exploit­a­tion, injury, and harm. It fur­ther provides a snap­shot of the viol­ent con­sequences of increased work­place raids.

This report is a joint pub­lic­a­tion of PAFRAS and the Uni­ver­sity of Liv­er­pool, it was writ­ten with fin­an­cial sup­port from the Uni­ver­sity of Liv­er­pool and the Ken­neth Miller Trust, and we wish to thank them for their assist­ance.

Refused Sanctuary then deprived of their health

Laurie Ray, July 2010

This report, com­mis­sioned by the Leeds Com­munity Found­a­tion in the sum­mer of 2009 and pub­lished by PAFRAS, explores the health­care needs of des­ti­tute asylum seekers and their exper­i­ences of the health­care sys­tem while tak­ing a crit­ic­al look at health policy nation­ally and the deliv­ery of health ser­vices locally.The research looks at the restric­tions placed upon access to health­care insti­tuted at the level of nation­al policy, but also at both form­al and inform­al bar­ri­ers to access at the loc­al level.

Its aims are:

  • To set out work­able recom­mend­a­tions for reform of health policy at nation­al level,
  • To make pro­pos­als for the improve­ment of the qual­ity and avail­ab­il­ity of care for refused asylum seekers, and
  • To help to empower refused asylum seekers to access the health ser­vices that they are entitled to.

Underground Lives Report (Cover)

Underground Lives

March 2009

This report researched and writ­ten by Dianne Taylor and pub­lished by PAFRAS in March 2009 is a first-hand invest­ig­a­tion of the exper­i­ences and sur­viv­al strategies of des­ti­tute asylum seekers liv­ing in the UK .

The report, which caused some con­tro­versy at its pub­lic­a­tion, is no loner avail­able through our web­site. We have removed it at the request of some of the indi­vidu­als whose stor­ies were fea­tured in it, who no longer wish to be in the pub­lic spot­light

If you wish to learn about exper­i­ences of des­ti­tu­tion in Bri­tain we can recom­mend the fol­low­ing reports by oth­er organ­isa­tions:

The Healthy Living Project Report

Fidel­is Chebe, Janu­ary 2009

In 2007 PAFRAS received fund­ing from Social Ser­vices to deliv­er a one year “Healthy Liv­ing Pro­ject‟ primar­ily for des­ti­tute asylum seekers. The object­ives of the pro­ject were to improve the health and well being of des­ti­tute asylum seekers and, through a pro­gram of health advice, exer­cises and ther­apies, to address their phys­ic­al and men­tal health needs. As pilot pro­ject, this pro­ject also aimed at redu­cing health inequal­it­ies by enabling refused asylum seekers access to ser­vices avail­able as well as ser­vices not cur­rently avail­able to them.

PAFRAS submission to the Independent Asylum Commission

Jon Bur­nett, Octo­ber 2007

Between 2006 and 2008 the Inde­pend­ent Asylum Com­mis­sion con­duc­ted an eight­een month invest­ig­a­tion into all aspects of the asylum sys­tem in the United King­dom. As a front line organ­isa­tion work­ing with asylum seekers PAFRAS pre­pared a detailed response on its work and exper­i­ences for the com­mis­sion­ers. You can read that report here. To find out more about the IAC and its work go here.