The Foresters prepared 125 packs of toiletries, scarves, socks and gloves for destitute PAFRAS service users

Foresters donate to PAFRASOn Novem­ber 2nd  at Stock­eld Park near Weth­erby, 100 For­est­ers mem­bers came to pack 125 ruck­sacks with items for PAFRAS. Packs were cre­ated for men, women and chil­dren who are des­ti­tute asylum seekers and refuges facing poverty.  A For­ester grant provided the funds to pur­chase essen­tial toi­letries , scarves, gloves, socks and snacks.

Anna Wal­lace is the Co-ordinator for the For­est­ers mem­bers in the York­shire region who con­tac­ted  Christine Majid (Man­ager of PAFRAS) to ask if the organ­isa­tion would link up with the For­est­ers to receive the packs. The For­est­ers are com­mit­ted to provid­ing volun­teer oppor­tun­it­ies for their mem­bers in their local com­munit­ies and to help­ing people in need.

The approach­ing winter sea­son provided an ideal oppor­tun­ity for For­est­ers to make the packs up for asylum seekers and refugees who have very few per­sonal pos­ses­sions.   We want them to know we care about them and that we are pleased to help.

I was thrilled to see so many of our mem­bers giv­ing up their time to help and I know they have taken an interest in the char­ity and the work it does. It demon­strates that For­est­ers mem­bers do share a com­mon pur­pose and that we are indeed com­munity spirited.

I am grate­ful to Christine who helped me co-ordinate the activ­ity and for dis­trib­ut­ing the packs to those in need.

Anna Wal­lace (on behalf of the Foresters)

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New English Classes Resource

The Local Author­ity have recently launched a new online lan­guage resource for migrants in Leeds. The webpage — Learn­ing Eng­lish in Leeds — provides a com­pre­hens­ive and up-to-date ref­er­ence for all of the Eng­lish lan­guage learn­ing oppor­tun­it­ies in the city and is a great resources for organ­isa­tions like us fre­quently have cli­ents who wish to learn the language.

Learning English in Leeds

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Amnesty Leeds PAFRAS Quiz

Amnesty PAFRAS Pub Quiz!

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Football Beyond Borders

Football: Beyond Border Poster

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New Fundraising Page

In an attempt to save money related to host­ing a fun­drais­ing page, PAFRAS has offi­cially signed up as a char­ity on Givey where more than 100% of dona­tions will be retained. We are no longer a mem­ber of Just Giv­ing and our page on this site has been taken down. Read more ›

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PAFRAS to close one drop-in

PAFRAS Braced for Cuts

We are very sorry to announce that the Board of Trust­ees have taken the dif­fi­cult decision to close our Tues­day drop-in.

Tues­day 15 Octo­ber 2013 will be the last drop-in on a Tues­day for the fore­see­able future. We will con­tinue to offer a drop-in ser­vice every Thursday,  includ­ing the pro­vi­sion of case­work and men­tal health sup­port as well as numer­ous other ser­vices through our part­ner­ships with other organ­isa­tions. Read more ›

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Fusion: a benefit for PAFRAS


Fusion – a taste of jazz, folk, fla­menco, Africa and the East

As part of our tenth anniversary cel­eb­ra­tions PAFRAS and its sup­port­ers have organ­ised a num­ber of events through­out the year — both inside and out­side of our drop-in.

Fusion are a multi-instrumentalist band  break­ing new ground in world music.  They mix and blend songs and sounds from a vari­ety of tra­di­tions, as well as their own ori­ginal mater­ial, for each per­form­ance draw­ing on a wide range of instru­ments – from jazz per­cus­sion, sax­o­phone, flute, melod­ica, man­dolin and violin, to key­boards, fla­menco and elec­tric gui­tars, bag pipes, cla­ri­net and record­ers, piano accor­dion, Irish whistle, double bass and Arabic lute.

They draw on songs and music from Morocco, India, Greece, Egypt, Hun­gary, Zim­b­abwe, Syria and the Pun­jab, mix­ing melod­ies and moods to forge a new highly ori­ginal sound. Their latest pro­ject has been to explore the songs of the Seph­ardic Jews of 15th Cen­tury Spain, cre­at­ing a haunt­ing new piece with echoes of the Inquis­i­tion….  A new song learnt in Greece tells the story of migra­tion  and a tra­di­tional folk tune from Hun­gary is com­bined with an Indian chant. They recently per­formed at Otley Court House Art Centre and are play­ing at Square Chapel Arts Centre in Novem­ber. So this is a good chance to see them in Leeds.

Fusion have per­formed at Music­Port, the regional world music event, and they are lined up at a num­ber of ven­ues and art centres in York­shire in 2013 . Audi­ence feed­back includes ‘simply stun­ning’ ‘excel­lent’  ‘most tal­en­ted group I have seen in twenty years’.

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New Research On Volunteering

In 2012 PAFRAS col­lab­or­ated with Lora Evans from the Uni­ver­sity of Leeds to take a qual­it­at­ive look at the exper­i­ences of refugees and (refused) asylum seekers of volun­teer­ing. ‘Exper­i­ences of Volun­teer­ing’  presents some of her find­ings in the form of case stud­ies of some of the indi­vidu­als who participated.

Down­load the research here.

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Fundraising Folk — An evening with Robin Fishwick and Friends


Fri­day 12 July, 19:30 — 22.30
Heart, Headingley

Robin Fish­wick (band­camp),  is a local singer, musi­cian and com­poser, play­ing fre­quently at folk and open mike ses­sions in the city. His songs, vary­ing from the wry to the con­tem­plat­ive, often reflect his Quaker values.

He plays a range of wood­wind includ­ing renais­sance instru­ments, record­ers and xaphoon and his stringed instru­ment of choice is the timple of the Canary Islands.

Tonight he’ll be play­ing with local musi­cians Rob Langley (aka Cheb Ghobbi) on the bass and Dibbs Dibbleth­waite on key­boards and woodwind.

The Occa­sion­als

Also per­form­ing are Amyas/Henry “two names are cool” Merivale and Thomas Brouwen (he’s a tall man with a deep voice and when he’s not pluck­ing at a double bass he can be found wield­ing the ukulele).

Rory Scam­mell
Last but not least we have Leeds’ own Hurdy-Gurdy Man per­form­ing on one of the most bizarre instru­ments in folk music! Visit his MySpace

All pro­ceeds will go to Pos­it­ive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers; sup­port­ing des­ti­tute refugees and asylum seekers in Leeds since 2003.

Tick­ets (£5/£3 con­ces­sions) avail­able on the door or from ticket source.


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Read ASAP’s response the the government’s latest consultation on Legal Aid here!

In their well argued response to <em>Transforming Legal Aid</em> the Asylum Sup­port Appeals Pro­ject make the moral and prac­tical cases for retain­ing legal aid for migrants of all kinds; includ­ing refused asylum seekers and show how imple­ment­ing the pro­posed changes would lead to many mis­car­riages of justice.

Down­load the doc­u­ment here:

Write to your MP:

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