Volun­teers presently under­take a vari­ety of roles from being a vital part of ensur­ing that the drop-in runs smoothly to provid­ing office sup­port and tak­ing on the respons­ib­il­it­ies of trust­ee­ship.

Volunteering at the PAFRAS Drop-in

Most of the oppor­tun­it­ies below are for volun­teer­ing at the drop-in. which is every Thursday morn­ing (there are oth­er oppor­tun­it­ies to get involved at oth­er times). Volun­teer­ing with PAFRAS involves work­ing with vul­ner­able adults and young people, some volun­teer­ing oppor­tun­it­ies will require a CRB check the cost of which is covered by PAFRAS.

Cur­rently volun­teer­ing at the PAFRAS drop-in is man­aged by Touch­stone. If you’re inter­ested in  please con­tact Jacky Cross­ley, our volun­teer co-ordin­at­or: jackyc@touchstonesupport.org.uk

As well as offer­ing the poten­tial to join one of the teams lis­ted below we wel­come the involvemen\t of indi­vidu­als inter­ested in run­ning cre­at­ive, artist­ic, edu­ca­tion­al or thera­peut­ic activ­it­ies for ser­vice users at the drop-in. We’re inter­ested in start­ing music or singing groups, jew­ellery-mak­ing and sew­ing and in activ­it­ies for young chil­dren. If you have your own ideas or are inter­ested in the roles lis­ted below, please get in touch!

All volun­teers at the drop-in are asked to assist with set­ting up and clear­ing away the tables and chairs at the begin­ning and end of the drop in.

Reception team

First point of con­tact for ser­vice users, donors and vis­it­ors. Role include wel­com­ing and sign­ing in ser­vice users and vis­it­ors, run­ning the screen­ing desk and receiv­ing dona­tions.

Well-being/Support team

Spend­ing time with cli­ents, befriend­ing them and offer­ing encour­age­ment and sup­port to them as well as wel­com­ing vis­it­ors and donors who may want refresh­ments and explan­a­tions of the drop-in and organ­ising the (free) second hand cloth­ing stall, sort­ing clothes dona­tions and sign­ing games in and out.

Kitchen team

Run­ning the kit­chen (3 people allowed in at a time). Cook­ing and serving the meal, and wash­ing up and clean­ing down. All kit­chen volun­teers must hold a cur­rent Food Safety Aware­ness Level 2 cer­ti­fic­ate, train­ing for com­mit­ted volun­teers will be paid for by PAFRAS.

Volunteers Prepared...

Stewarding/casework support team

Gen­er­al sup­port for case­work­ers in doing their job as well as escort­ing cli­ents around the drop-in or accom­pa­ny­ing them to appoint­ments. Car­ry­ing food par­cels and dona­tions to and from car park.