While UK-wide num­bers of asylum claims are down, the present aus­ter­ity drive is exacer­bat­ing the plight of des­ti­tute asylum seekers in Leeds, with more and more ser­vices threatened with con­trac­tion or clos­ure.

Without dona­tions PAFRAS does not have the resources to meet increas­ing demand. All dona­tions go dir­ectly to our ser­vice users, wheth­er that is in the form of a meal, food par­cel or toi­letry pack; a small hard­ship pay­ment or a bus tick­et so that they can attend a meet­ing with their soli­cit­or or sub­mit new evid­ence in sup­port of their claim to the Home Office.

There are many ways in which you can donate.


Food and Toiletries

We dis­trib­ute a huge amount of food in an aver­age year and food dona­tions are vitally import­ant for our capa­city to con­tin­ue to do so.

For reas­ons of food hygiene and because of our restric­ted capa­city for stor­age of per­ish­able food stuffs there are some lim­its to what we can accept, but dona­tions of the fol­low­ing food­stuffs are always wel­come:

  • Tins: Toma­toes, pulses, chick­peas and oth­er beans and pulses, veget­ables and fruit, fish and meat (except pork). Cus­tard, rice pud­ding etc. are also good.
  • Dry food: Sug­ar, rice, pasta, couscous, pulses, cer­eals, (these are split down into por­tions, so cater­ing size bags are use­ful), tea, small jars of instant cof­fee, cer­eals.
  • Sweets: Dried fruit, nuts, bis­cuits, chocol­ate bars and cakes.
  • We also need: Long-life milk, fruit juices, and dilut­ing juice/squash, cook­ing oil.

In addi­tion to food stuff our ser­vice users often need the fol­low­ing:

  • Toi­letries such as soap, shower gel, sham­poo, deodor­ant, tooth paste and brushes, safety razors and san­it­ary tow­els. Things like babies’ nap­pies, talcum powder, baby wipes, etc. are also always help­ful.

If you would like to make a dona­tion of food or toi­letries in per­son you can do so by com­ing along to the drop-in dur­ing drop-in hours (9:00 — 13:00, Wed­nes­days). Altern­at­ively, you can drop-off dona­tions of food or toi­letries at the PAFRAS Food Store. 

The food store is at Unit 24, Unity Busi­ness Centre, 26 Round­hay Road LS7 1AB and is nor­mally open dur­ing the fol­low­ing hours, but please call the office (0113 262 2163) before com­ing.

Monday 10:00 am — 12:00 pm




We are cur­rently unable to take dona­tion of clothes, bed­ding etc. as the York­shire Aid dis­tri­bu­tion hub at Rich­mond hill is clos­ing down. We are look­ing at altern­at­ive options and hope to be able to pub­lish them her soon.

One-off money donations

If you would like to make a one-off dona­tion you can do so by post­ing a cheque to our office address or by mak­ing a debit/credit card pay­ment via Givey or the Char­it­ies Aid Found­a­tion (CAF).

Standing orders

Reg­u­lar income of any amount is vital so that we can plan our ser­vices and ensure that we can meet the needs of des­ti­tute asylum seekers. If you would like to set up a stand­ing order, please down­load a form to com­plete and send to your bank. If you can com­plete  the Gift Aid form (attached to the stand­ing order) and return it to us, all the bet­ter.

Gift Aid

Use Gift Aid and you can make your dona­tion worth more! For every £1 you donate, we receive an extra 25 pence from the Inland Rev­en­ue. There is a Gift Aid form included with the Stand­ing Order Man­date (above).

Donations through sales on eBay

There is a way that you can donate a por­tion of your sales gen­er­ated from eBay auc­tions, by adding PAFRAS as a favour­ite, you will be reminded each time you make a sale if you wish to con­trib­ute

All dona­tions will be used towards the pro­vi­sion of PAFRAS’s ser­vices.