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The Human Cost of War – Christine Majid

Zaatari Refugee Camp Jordan:  One of a million Syrian Children who have become refugees.(1) (UNCHR Report 2014) UNCHR’s annual Global Trends report, which is based on data compiled by governments and non-government partner organizations and the organizations own records, show

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IAS Administration Discussed in the Lords

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Lindholme IRC Criticised

The Inspectorate made criticisms of the Immigration Removal Centre that covered numerous areas, but, from the perspective of PAFRAS, four specific areas of concern stand out, all of which relate to fundamental detainee human rights.

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Culture of disbelief at UKBA

An interview conducted by Sheen Ayob and published on her blog Shreen Distracted offers some interesting insights on the agency and its employees.

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79% of Asylum Seekers are wrongly refused Legal Aid at appeal

A recent report by Devon & Cornwall Law Centre brings into question the system of funding legal aid for asylum seekers and the behaviour and practices of the both the Tribunal Service and legal representatives. The report, which details the

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Deportation flight death of father of five

The tragic death of Jimmy Mubenga during his forced deportation to Angola on October 12 can have come as no surprise to the Home Office, which has been warned of the likelihood of just such an occurrence on numerous occasions

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Punitive new rules on Further Submissions

In October 2009 the government changed the rules for submitting new evidence to support fresh asylum claims. The new rules have caused huge problems for destitute asylum seekers trying to present their evidence and strained the resources of support organisations.
Now anyone whose original claim for asylum was made after 4 March 2007 is required to submit fresh evidence in person at his or her reporting centre. Those who claimed before then are worst affected. They must now telephone the Further Submissions Unit (FSU) in Liverpool, arrange an appointment and then attend in person to submit their evidence.

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Archbishop pays visit to drop-in

yorkshireeveningpost The Archbishop of York has called on the Home Secretary to stop the imprisonment of children in asylum cases. Dr John Sentamu issued his plea after he visited a drop-in centre in Leeds and met families trying to seek

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