PAFRAS Statement

PAFRAS Trustees are sad to report that our manager of 12 years, Christine Majid, will be retiring at Christmas.

Christine founded PAFRAS in 2003 and has steered it through many turbulent times including successive Government attacks on Refugees and Asylum Seekers, constant cuts in funding and huge pressures on the sector as a result of increasingly negative policy changes.

In paying tribute to Christine, Trustees would like to thank her for her many years of selfless dedication to the plight of Refugees and Asylum Seekers across decades and across continents.

Christine has put the needs of others before those of herself for more years than PAFRAS has been in existence. She has campaigned tirelessly against destitution and has created an organisation that is a tribute to her love and compassion for people. In short, Christine is a force of nature and her force has always been for good and for the good of the people who needed her.

We know that replacing Christine will be a very hard task but she has earned this time to herself and we wish her the very best of luck in her well – deserved retirement.
PAFRAS Trustees October 2015

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