A Poem by John Taylor


We’re all in it together


What was it that made Great Britain Great
Was it taking riches from others at a very fast rate
Did we truly believe it was our right
To feel superior to others just because we were white
Or was it that we recognised the mistakes made in our Colonial days
By trying to atone and put right the errors of our ways
Have we now moved on to become a better land
Or do we still tend to bury our heads in the sand
History shows it is hard to achieve
A Government that is open and does not deceive
Why do some politicians start out intending to serve
But often end up taking a lot more than they deserve
It is hard to please everyone of that I am sure
What we need is a display of intentions which are totally pure
Have things got better as time has moved on
Or have we now come to worship the evil of Mammon

I am not trying to paint a picture which is all doom and gloom
Diversity and equality has been afforded much room
Whilst recession and austerity measures are making things hard
Money’s been found for new retail centres and London’s Shard
Does poverty in this country truly exist
Or has the true picture become clouded in mist
Between rich and poor the gap is getting bigger
But to live a reasonable existence how do we calculate that figure

Whilst many poor people are sinking at what appears to be a fast rate
It is where and when you are born that really determines your fate
If we look at third world countries and try to compare
It could be said that the citizens of Britain have a deal which is fair
Surely it is not just ourselves that we should be striving for
Shouldn’t we also be trying to help those fleeing real poverty and war
Many arrive at a British border or port
It is quite often their last chance of hope – the last resort

Escaping from oppression, torture, risk of death or much hurt
Arriving at what they think is a safe haven, often treated like dirt
They are looked upon by many as though they come from another planet
In a so called civilised nation where many display the traits of a gannet
Many living here have developed a culture of greed
Whilst totally overlooking those who are in desperate need
Thirty thousand pounds for one cocktail in a London nightclub, I kid you not
Don’t you think some people have totally lost the plot

If you had been born in a country of real poverty or a war torn place
To escape, improve or save your life, wouldn’t you have been at the head of the race
Refugees and Asylum Seekers are human beings just like you and me
But unlike us they haven’t been handed everything on a plate, its plain to see
It’s hard to understand why where you were born
Will often determine whether your life will be happy or forlorn
Surely all human beings have the same basic right
Food on the table, warmth and a bed for the night

Luckily some of those who arrive in Leeds
Have somewhere to turn for help with those needs
PAFRAS was founded by Christine Majid
Now ten years on it’s a good job she did
Starting by giving out food and advice from her car
She never envisaged things would develop so far
Opening a twice weekly drop in at St Aidan’s Hall
She has provided much needed support to many who would otherwise fall

Receiving almost eight thousand visits a year
The necessity for this facility is totally clear
Providing food, clothing, advice and a friendly chat
She has created a large happy family; there is no doubt of that
Those who have nothing seem the most grateful of all
For the little they are given to try and help them stand tall
Volunteers and donations are crucial to ensure the Charity survives
As it continues to assist others trying to change their lives

There is a lot to be thankful for after ten healthy years
But austerity measures and lack of funding has raised many worrying fears
Without such support, we ponder, where will our clients turn
Many have no where to live and denied a wage to earn
Some applications to remain in the UK have dragged on ten years or more
It makes you wonder what the UK Border Agency was set up for
So to celebrate PAFRAS a decade on
It is you the public we must rely upon

If with this poem you feel you agree
I am happy with that and will not charge a fee
If however you feel you would like to donate
To help us raise ten thousand pounds, then that would be great.
If you do act because of what I have written
Then you have gone a small way in helping put the Great back in Britain
The Big Society is what David Cameron thinks he has made
But we’ve been all in it together for at least the last decade

Copyright by John Taylor 21/04/13

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