Month: March 2011

The Wages of Fear featured on Radio 4

In Feb­ru­ary, Dav­id Whyte, co-author of The Wages of Fear, presen­ted the research pub­lished jointly by PAFRAS and the Uni­ver­sity of Liv­er­pool on Radio 4’s Think­ing Aloud. You can listen again on the Radio 4 web­site.

Imprisoned and exploited

The immig­ra­tion detain­ees who work for next to noth­ing. A report in the Guard­i­an in 2 Janu­ary high­lights the links between wage exploit­a­tion of undoc­u­mented work­ers and the state. The report by Kar­en McVeigh shows how detain­ees at the privately