Rainbow Hearts

PAFRAS is a Leeds based voluntary organisation providing emergency and short-term humanitarian assistance. We work primarily with refused asylum seekers focusing on those experiencing destitution as a result of the asylum process. Other migrant groups and communities are however increasingly accessing the services we provide.

PAFRAS operates a bi-weekly drop-in service where we provide practical assistance such as food parcels, hot meals, toiletries, food vouchers, baby accessories and clothing as well as advice, befriending and emotional support.

Over the years, the drop-in has become a safe space where, irrespective of their gender, religion, nationality and background, service users come together to share experiences and in the process, seek solace and a sense of hope.

Occasionally, through social activities at the drop-in, service users are able to showcase their skills, talents and aspirations. As such, the drop-in provides an place and time where refused asylum seekers can spend time constructively by engaging in a variety of activities including volunteering.

The drop-in also serves as a hub for social integration as migrants, particularly refused asylum seekers who are destitute, meet one another and one another’s communities. Doing things together such as sharing a meal, participating in activities and volunteering is vital for fostering a sense of self-worth, wellbeing and hope while in difficult circumstances.

Rainbow Hearts project will combine activities and therapies to provide an exciting and engaging environment at our drop-ins. Project activities will include, snooker, table tennis, board games, sewing, mosaic, painting, walks, allotment, kids play centre, music and drumming, massage, and cloth marking amongst others.

The project will capture the diversity, skills and talents of our service users and volunteers. The activities will help create a more relaxed and interactive environment at the drop-in. In addition, by engaging service users in constructive as well as leisure activities, the project will reduce isolation, boredom and stress levels and improve mental and psychological health. It will also provide opportunities for personal and skills development. These social activities will greatly compliment the casework and advocacy aspects of the drop-in service.

Aims & Objectives

  • Develop and utilise skills and creative abilities,
  • Improve health and well being,
  • Reduce isolation and boredom,
  • Transform negative feelings through constructive activities,
  • Build positive relationships,
  • Provide children with opportunity to have fun and learn.

Get Involved

If you would like to support this project or our other activities in any way, please contact us by telephone on 0113 262 2163 or by email.

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