Month: June 2010

Punitive new rules on Further Submissions

In Octo­ber 2009 the gov­ern­ment changed the rules for sub­mit­ting new evid­ence to sup­port fresh asylum claims. The new rules have caused huge prob­lems for des­ti­tute asylum seekers try­ing to present their evid­ence and strained the resources of sup­port organ­isa­tions.
Now any­one whose ori­gin­al claim for asylum was made after 4 March 2007 is required to sub­mit fresh evid­ence in per­son at his or her report­ing centre. Those who claimed before then are worst affected. They must now tele­phone the Fur­ther Sub­mis­sions Unit (FSU) in Liv­er­pool, arrange an appoint­ment and then attend in per­son to sub­mit their evid­ence.